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Real Madrid draw 2-2 at home to CELTA

At 4:00 a.m. on February 17, Beijing time, in the 24th round of the Spanish League, Real Madrid drew 2-2 at CELTA at home, but failed to win 6 consecutive games. They continued to rank the first place in the Spanish League, leading Barcelona by 1 point. Smorov scored in the 7th minute, cross equalised in the 52nd minute, Ramos scored a penalty in the 65th minute, Mina scored in the 86th minute, and CELTA manager received a red card in the stoppage period.
In this game, Real Madrid's jersey is printed with Chinese "China cheer up" on the chest, expressing support and encouragement for China's fight against the new crown epidemic. The third minute, Azar left under the bottom of the cross, by the other side player header. The fourth minute, rafinha opened a free kick into the restricted area, kurtuwa will get the ball. In the 7th minute, CELTA opened the right side line ball, ASPAs passed the ball directly, smorov succeeded in anti offside, scored in the face of kurtuva, CELTA led 1-0!
In the 9th minute, kawahar was knocked out by his opponent in the right cross. The 10th minute, Real Madrid left tactical corner, varaner head off. In the 14th minute, Marcelo made a cross from the left, and goalkeeper Blanc grabbed the ball. In the 17th minute, kasemiro shot a little higher than the crossbeam. The 19th minute, cross pass, Benzema small angle shot hit the side net.
The 26th minute, kawahar's right cross, the restricted area of Benzema stopped the ball and turned to shoot was blocked. The first 30 minutes, Ramos long pass, the right side of the box bell head ferry, CELTA players immediately cleared. The 33rd minute, bell shot far from the penalty area. The 36th minute, Marcello and Azar in the left with the cross, unfortunately no teammates in place. The 38th minute, Real Madrid opens the right corner, Marcello outside the restricted area volley hits high. The 40th minute, Benzer horse heel pass, Azar left cross, bell shot to hit the side. The 43rd minute, Real Madrid opened the tactical corner, cross left-wing cross, Marcelo shot in the restricted area to hit. The 44th minute, CELTA left corner, edu header was kurtuva flying to save. At the end of the first half, Real Madrid were 1-0 behind CELTA.
At the beginning of the second half, in the 47th minute, Kevin and Camaro fell to the ground and received medical treatment. In the 49th minute, Ramos scored after taking the ball on the right side of the penalty area, but the VaR showed that Ramos was offside and the goal was cancelled. The 52nd minute, Marcello left cross, cross shot in the restricted area, Real Madrid 1-1!
The 57th minute, olaza fouls and gets a yellow card. In the 57th minute, bladaritch was injured and fell to the ground in his own restricted area. In the 59th minute, cross volleyed in the forbidden area. In the 61st minute, Baldwin shot far from the penalty area and CELTA goalkeeper Blanc saved the ball. In the 64th minute, Azar took the ball on the left side of the penalty area. CELTA goalkeeper Blanco knocked Azar down and the referee blew a penalty. In the 65th minute, Ramos scored a penalty, Real Madrid 2-1 anti super!
In the 69th minute, jocuslu shot at the top of the arc in the forbidden area and was blocked out by Real Madrid players. The 72nd minute, bell shoves down from behind lafinia, by the referee yellow card warning. In the 74th minute, kawahar was booked. The 78th minute, cross straight, Benzema got the ball was offside. The 86th minute, Suarez straight plug, the forbidden area of the ball after Mina scored, CELTA 2-2!
The 88th minute, kawahar right cross, Benzema forbidden area point chest stop after shooting high. In the first minute of stoppage time, Mendi left cross, Benzema shot in the restricted area and was saved by Blanc. In the fifth minute of stoppage time, CELTA's coaching team members deliberately dropped the ball into the field to delay time, and were sent off by the referee. At the end of the game, Real Madrid drew 2-2 at home to CELTA.