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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau releases holiday statement on Christmas

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau 
Sunday released holiday statement on Christmas.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Sunday released a holiday statement on Christmas to wish Canadians a Merry Christmas.
In a statement released Sunday, Trudeau celebrated Canada’s diversity and its people’s compassion.
The following is the full Statement by the Prime Minister on Christmas:

“Merry Christmas, Canada!
“In 2017, people across Canada gave us much reason to be proud, and showed us the strength in our diversity. Canadians are neighbours helping neighbours, sharing warmth, compassion, and generosity-not just at Christmas, but all year round.
“For Christians around the world, this season is a time to celebrate Jesus Christ and his message of compassion. For all of us, it is a chance to come together to give thanks for everything that unites us.
“As the 150th anniversary of Confederation draws to a close, all of us have a role to play in shaping our world for the better. In the New Year, and throughout the years to come, let’s commit to making a difference. Whether by lending a hand to a neighbour, or volunteering for a cause we believe in, let’s give generously, and live out the values that bring us together.
“Let’s also reach out and listen-to those next door, across the aisle, and at the dinner table. Building a better world starts where we work and live, in our communities, and at home.
“During the holidays, I also ask you take a moment to remember our brave servicewomen and men, and their families. They make extraordinary sacrifices to keep us safe.
“From our family to yours, Hadrien, Ella-Grace, Xavier, Sophie, and I wish you joy, health, love, and peace this holiday season. Merry Christmas.”