Canada News Agency

Canada's multi-national military exercise to kick off Sunday

OTTAWA, May 11 -- A multi-national war game named Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 2018 will be held from 13 to 24 May in Alberta of Canada, Canadian National Defence Ministry said Friday.
Approximately 6,000 military personnel, including those from Canada, the United States, Britain, Australia and France, will participate in the exercise.
It is the largest annual Canadian Army exercise that immerses soldiers in a dynamic, multi-element, combined arms, force-on-force scenario against a challenging enemy in an environment where the realities of a deployment are replicated as closely as possible.
It sets the stage for Canadian Army soldiers to sharpen their skills within a realistic, complex, and challenging operating environment that mirrors the realities of deployed operations. It also confirms Canada's commitment to sustaining strong relationships with allies, partners and other militaries, said the ministry.
The goal of the exercise is to ensure competent, confident and integrated military forces, able to provide scalable, mission-tailored, and responsive forces for full-spectrum operations, added the ministry.(Xinhua)