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Canada, Denmark establish joint task force against boundary issues

OTTAWA, May 23 -- Canada and Denmark have decided to establish a joint task force to settle the boundary issues in the waters between Canada and Denmark, according to Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry Wednesday.
The task force will explore options and provide recommendations on how to resolve outstanding boundary issues between the two nations. This includes the sovereignty of Hans Island, the maritime boundary line in Lincoln Sea and the Labrador Sea continental shelf overlap beyond 200 nautical miles.
As an Arctic nation, Canada is committed to working collaboratively with its Arctic neighbors to address issues of mutual concern.
Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said "we are very pleased to be addressing our outstanding boundary issues -- through this diplomatic joint task force -- with our long-time friend and ally the Kingdom of Denmark."
Denmark's Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen said he is very happy that the two states are able to announce the establishment of a joint task force to resolve the outstanding boundary issues in the waters between Canada and Greenland.
He stressed that it is a breakthrough in the countries' joint efforts to resolve the question of sovereignty of Hans Island and other issues, adding that "the joint task force is a product of the strong cooperation between our friendly nations - and very much in the spirit of the Ilulissat Declaration." (Xinhua)