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Literal hot air being released on Parliament Hill, as construction continues on West Block

OTTAWA — Hot air is expected to loudly burst from the bowels of parliament Tuesday evening as construction crews continue restoring the West Block. 
The building will host the House of Commons when work is scheduled to begin on Centre Block next year, but is currently empty of politicos.
Ottawa’s parliamentary precinct was warned Tuesday morning a loud noise and constant plume of steam would emanate from Parliament Hill for a full four hours, between 5 and 9 p.m. 
“The release of steam is being carried out to clean the underground pipes,” according to a media advisory from Public Services and Procurement Canada. 
It is the second such gaseous “blow-off” to occur while parliamentarians are offsite during their summer break. 
In July, ahead of a scheduled release of vapour, the procurement department posted a helpful YouTube video, apparently filmed with a handheld camera, showing what unwitting visitors, who likely hadn’t the foggiest, could expect to see. 
Although the event may cause pedestrians to wonder whether white smoke is related to a new governor general soon being appointed or federal New Democrats settling a vote on their new leader — both events set to take place early next month — these goings-on are unrelated, and Ottawa has no tradition of signalling a decision with exhaust.
The department thanks visitors for their patience, it said. 
Politicians, who themselves are often accused of emitting hot air, are slated to return to the site when the fall sitting begins Sept. 18.